Kenny’s Co-Own Journey

10th September 2019 | Co-Own

Me and my fiancée were looking to buy a house together back in 2013, we tried all our local banks and were denied by them all, even our own bank that we have been with for many many years, we had our heart set on a new house and we were beginning to lose hope because we kept getting denied.

We thought we were going to have to rent which we didn’t want to do, the reason we kept getting denied was because my fiancée was on a zero hour contract so they would only take my income into consideration which wasn’t enough for the house we wanted, then our mortgage adviser told us about Co-Ownership. So, we arranged a meeting and we agreed a 50/50 share and then we were able to afford the house we wanted, 6 years later we are married with one child and another on the way and we own 100% of our house. Thanks to Co-Ownership 

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