Lesa & Alan’s Co-Own Journey

10th September 2019 | Co-Own

Like many others, getting a mortgage by ourselves wasn’t an option for us. But we were determined to take our first step on to the property ladder to becoming homeowners. The team at Co-Ownership were fantastic at every stage of the application process and have supported us to realise our hopes of owning our own home.

Our dream came true. Our advisor, along with the rest of the Co-Ownership Housing team alleviated any misconceptions we had of Co-Ownership and reassured us at every stage through their openness and professionalism.

The only thing we would do differently is apply sooner. The process is straight-forward, we were supported greatly at every stage and that continues long after you join the scheme too.

Co-Ownership afforded us the opportunity to own our family home and we can’t thank the team enough

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