The Chair

E1 The Association shall have a Chair, who shall chair Board meetings, and shall be elected by the Board on such terms as the Board determines. The Association may also have a vice Chair who, in the Chair’s absence, shall act as the Chair and have the Chair’s powers and duties and who shall be elected by the Board. The arrangements for election and removal of any vice Chair shall be determined by the Board.

E2 The first item of business for any Board meeting when there is no Chair (or vice Chair) or the Chair (or vice Chair) is not present shall be to elect a Chair for the purpose of the meeting. The Chair shall at all times be a Shareholder and a Board Member and cannot be an employee (or an employee of a Group Member).

E3 In a case of an equality of votes, the Chair shall have a second vote.

E4 The Chair of the Association may be removed at a Board meeting called for that purpose provided the resolution is passed by at least two-thirds of the Board Members present and voting at the meeting.

The Chair’s responsibilities

E5 The Chair’s responsibilities will be set out in a written document and agreed by the Board.

The chief executive

E6 The Association may have a chief executive appointed by the Board. The chief executive shall be appointed with a written and signed contract of employment, which shall include a clear statement of the duties of the chief executive.

The Secretary

E7 The Association shall have a Secretary who shall be appointed by the Board and who may be an employee. The Board may also appoint a deputy Secretary (who may also be an employee) to act as Secretary in the Secretary’s absence. The Secretary’s duties will be clearly set out in writing and agreed by the Board.

Other Officers

E8 The Board may designate as Officers such other executives, internal auditor and staff of the Association on such terms (including pay) as it from time to time decides.


E9 Every Officer or employee shall be indemnified by the Association for any amount reasonably incurred in the discharge of their duty.

E10 Except for the consequences of their own dishonesty or negligence no Officer or employee shall be liable for any losses suffered by the Association or any Group

A PDF copy of the full Co-Ownership Rules can be found by clicking here.