About Us

Co-Ownership is a Do It Yourself Shared Ownership scheme (DIYSO) exclusively for Northern Ireland. If you hope to own your own home but can’t quite afford it, Co-Ownership may help you onto the home ownership ladder.

Co-Ownership has been running very successfully since 1978 and so far has helped over 27,000 households to purchase the homes of their choice through shared ownership. Over 8,000 homes across Northern Ireland are currently Co-Ownership homes.

Purchasers take as large a share as they can afford to start with, between 50% and 90% (known as the ‘starter share’). They can then increase that share at any time (‘staircasing’).

Co-Ownership purchasers are known as leaseholders because they receive an equity sharing lease on their properties.


The Northern Ireland Co-Ownership Housing Association Limited, better known as Co-Ownership Housing, is Northern Ireland’s regional body for shared ownership and the organisation that runs the Co-Ownership Scheme.

We are a registered housing association and industrial & provident society, regulated and funded by the Department for Communities.

We are governed by a Board of Management, made up of non-executive directors elected from the shareholders.

Board members are unpaid volunteers.

For more information contact nicha@co-ownership.org.