Getting to know Glynis Hobson

7th March 2019
By: Co-Ownership

Glynis Hobson, our Director of Customer Services is an enthusiastic runner, loves spending time with her rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and is passionate about helping people get on the property ladder.


How did you become involved in housing?

I was responsible for Digital in Ulster Bank and loved what I did but really wanted to find a role where I could make a difference to people. When the role in Co-Ownership came up it offered me the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge I had and to use these to make a real difference helping people into their homes.


Describe a typical working day.

I try to get into work for 8 as my days can be a bit full on, and I like an hour to think and get things done. My team are helping customers everyday so there’s always multiple customer issues to resolve and decisions to be made. I feel a big responsibility to ensure that our customers can afford their homes and also that we are buying good quality homes for them. A big part of my job at the moment is redesigning our service delivery and making our customer journeys smooth and we’re making good progress on this. At lunchtime, I always go for a walk to clear my head before any afternoon meetings. Before I go home at 5 I plan through what I need to do the next day.


What do you enjoy most about working for Co-Ownership?

I love the stories and the feedback that we get from customers when they move into their home – they give everyone in the team a real buzz as we can see the work we do is really making a difference.


What is the most challenging aspect you face in your role?

Dealing with unhappy customers. This could maybe a home that someone has fallen in love with but it has lots of issues or it might be a customer who is disappointed that they have to share the proceeds of their sale with Co-Ownership, that is the principle of equity sharing.


What does Shared Ownership mean to you?

For me shared ownership is all about giving people a leg-up into their own home and often it is something that they felt was unachievable because they had no deposit or they can’t afford a mortgage. I love to see their faces when they see that it is achievable and that it’s way cheaper than renting. I think Co-Ownership is an amazing product and is really helping people all across NI.


What advice would you give to someone considering Co-Ownership?

You’ve nothing to lose by coming and talking to us. We have a great team of customer advisers and local area officers who will take time with you to understand your circumstances and help you see how your home ownership dream could become a reality. This year over 1,000 customers now have their own front door thanks to Co-Ownership.

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