Repayments Calculator

Monthly Payments Estimate

This calculator is a tool for you if you hope to buy a home through Co-Ownership. It's very much for initial research, not linked to lenders' affordability assessments and not the full application assessment that takes place before we can issue an offer to purchase.
We have had to make a few assumptions, such as your mortgage interest rate and Co-Ownership rent will stay the same over the term of years you have chosen, so the results are only a guide. We recommend you get your own quotes direct from your mortgage lender before you commit yourself to any mortgage.

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Co-Ownership is a Do It Yourself Shared Ownership scheme (DIYSO) exclusively for Northern Ireland. If you hope to own your own home but can't quite afford it, Co-Ownership may help you onto the home ownership ladder.

Co-Ownership has been running very successfully since 1978 and so far has helped 26,000 households in Northern Ireland to purchase the homes of their choice through shared ownership. There are more than 8,000 homes currently within the Co-Ownership scheme and this figure continues to rise.

Purchasers take as large a share as they can afford to start with, between 50% and 90% (known as the ‘starter share’). They can then increase that share at any time (‘staircasing’).