Buying A Home Step By Step

You buy a share of your home (between 50% and 90% of the home’s value) and pay rent on the remaining share.

You’ll need to take out a mortgage to pay for your share of the home’s purchase price. You can buy more shares in your home any time after you become the owner. This is known as staircasing.

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Find a property

Get the property sale agreed

Send in your application

Your appointment

Your decision letter

Appealing the decision on your case

Arrange the finance

See your solicitor

Purchase completed

Important Information

At any stage, something might happen that affects the fate of your application. The seller might withdraw, the property has to be successfully valued, you will probably need to get a mortgage - to name just a few. Please be aware that, for reasons of fair treatment, we are unable to give priority to any future application you may make and we cannot give an assurance that eligibility criteria (which is reviewed regularly) will not change in the mean time.

All purchases are subject to valuation, contract, title and funding.

Homebuying Videos

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