Selling your home to a Co-Ownership customer

2th October 2018
By: Co-Ownership

After the crash of the property market in 2008 and now that 6 letter word called ‘Brexit’ putting fear and uncertainty into each of us, no one really knows whether it is a good time to buy or sell. However, there are still people buying and trying to sell their homes and that is where we can help. Co-Ownership currently buys around 90 properties per month (a number any local estate agent would be proud of) and 60% of these properties are what the industry term as ‘resale properties’ i.e. properties like yours!

“Oh I have heard about Co-Ownership…”

You may have heard all sorts of things about Co-Ownership, some positive, some not so positive.  We’ve made lots of changes to our processes recently to make it easier for customers to apply and improve our overall service. One of the main changes we’ve made is to provide an approval in principle to people before they start bidding on a house. We assess the customer’s personal circumstances to find out if they are eligible for Co-Ownership. This means that when a Co-Ownership customer bids on your house, they’re already approved by us and it’s just the property that needs to be approved, like any other home buyer.

So how long does it take?

We now process all applications online and can usually provide an approval in principle within 2 working days. We will then carry out the property survey and if everything checks out issue the full offer within 2 weeks, and all the conveyancing on our part is done online which can help speed up the completion date.

But don’t just take our word for it …

Independent Property Estates, “Many thanks from everyone at Co-Ownership from the team at The Independent Group of Companies, Bangor. We submitted an application for Clients on Tuesday 3rd October and we have just received their Letter of Offer. An amazing turn around in only 2 weeks. The new online system is amazing and has to be the way forward for anyone wishing to buy a Home with no deposit.”

If you want more information about the Co-Own process then visit our website

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