Rachel Brown’s Co-Own Journey

8th May 2021 | Co-Own

Rachael (49) from Bangor became a co-owner in June 2018 with a 50:50 share and bought out in April 2021. Below is her Co-Own journey.

“Before buying my home with Co-Ownership I had been living in a private rental and my rent had been increased to £600 a month. As a single mum with 3 children this was total unaffordable for me, even though I was working full time. I went to see a mortgage adviser who discussed Co-Ownership.  I had an IVA, so I had to get my credit score and file sorted before applying which took a few months, but once I had my credit report good, the application was plain sailing and very fast. The Co-Ownership staff were excellent and helped me with any questions I had. Through Co-Ownership I was able to afford to buy my home. It was a god send for me and my only way to get out of the private rental market. I could not have ever bought without it.

Due to meeting my now partner, I have now sold my house that I had bought through Co-Ownership and made a profit, which has helped me buy another house.  There was no hassle or upset when selling either. It really was a blessing.

Co-Ownership gave me a life changing opportunity for my family and an affordable way of life. Most importantly it gave us the security of a forever home. The security of an affordable home for my family made such an impact on our lives. I could not recommend enough.”