How do I increase my share?

You may be only through the door but we’d still encourage you to have a think about the future.

If it’s your plan to eventually own 100% of your home, it’s best to start as soon as you’re financially able to. Although the majority of co-owners buy us out fully or sell on their property, there is no requirement for you to increase your share at all.

And if you do decide to move on, it’s nice to know that any money that Co-Ownership makes from the sale of the property is used to help more people start their home ownership story.

How do I buy more?

You can buy more shares in your home in 5% chunks or higher percentage blocks, or you can buy the full amount out at any time.

Here are some ways how:

  • Re-mortgaging when your existing term is up – it may cost less than you think to increase the amount you want to borrow
  • Inheritance
  • Change in circumstances – over time you may earn more, have less debt to repay or there could be more income coming into the household e.g. from a new relationship.

When should I do it?

You can find out about increasing your share at any time by contacting our team and requesting a buying out valuation online, which costs £70. If you are keen to buy more of your home we advise that you try and do so as early as you can. As this is an equity sharing partnership, the value of the share you are buying could increase the longer you leave it, making it more expensive to buy out.

There is no requirement to buy out your remaining share, with Co-Own you get a 99-year lease, so you can continue owning your share and paying rent on the Co-Own share for as long as you wish.

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