Explainer videos

  • Pre-recorded webinar: Overview of our Co-Own product

    This 15 minute, pre-recorded webinar will provide you with an overview of who Co-Ownership are, the different products we offer, how we can help you become a homeowner, our key criteria and how to apply for Co-Own, our Shared Ownership product.

  • Pre-recorded webinar: The Co-Own application process

    This 10 minute, pre-recorded webinar provides you with a detailed overview of the Co-Own application process.

  • Pre-recorded webinar: Increasing your share

    You can buy a bigger share of your home any time after you join Co-Ownership. You can do so in chunks of 5% of your home’s value right up to 100% full ownership. This short webinar explains the process of increasing your share in your Co-Own home.

  • What is Co-Own?

    Co-Own is our shared ownership plan. In a nutshell, we buy a place together. You buy the share that you can afford, between 50% and 90%, and we cover the rest. When you are ready you can buy out in chunks of 5%, all at once or by selling your home.

  • How to apply to Co-Own?

    Apply online at co-ownership.org and we’ll assess your financial circumstances.

  • Finding your Co-Own home.

    Find your perfect home up to the amount in your Approval in Principle and upload the details to your application.

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