Who we are

Co-Ownership is a not-for-profit organisation that helps people get onto the property ladder who cannot do it by themselves.

There are many reasons why people need help to buy a home – difficulty in raising a deposit, low income or non-permanent employment are some reasons. We have three ways to help people: Co-Own, Co-Own for Over 55s and Rent-to-Own and have helped over 33,000 people buy home in Northern Ireland since 1978. Over 10,050 homes across Northern Ireland are currently Co-Ownership homes.

Co-Owners take as large a share as they can afford to start with, between 50% and 90% They can then increase that share at any time by buying more of their property. Co-Ownership is Northern Ireland’s regional body for shared ownership. We are a registered housing association and industrial & provident society, regulated and funded by a combination of private finance and the Department for Communities. We are governed by a Board of Management, made up of non-executive directors elected from the shareholders. Board members are unpaid volunteers.