In the workplace we support equality of opportunity and diversity, both in our dealings with customers and stakeholders and also across the organisation. For our people, we aim to create a workplace that is inclusive, inspiring and supportive.

We do this through investing in training and development. We also recognise that a healthy, motivated workforce is good for business, reducing absenteeism and increasing retention. We actively promote the health and wellbeing of our people, over and above what is legally required. We have a well establish programme of health and wellbeing activities for staff to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Some events include annual health MOTs, yoga and mindfulness, healthy cooking demonstrations and cancer awareness sessions. We also have an established Health and Safety system and all our employees receive regular training.

We recognise that listening to the opinions of our people is vital and that it’s important that everyone is aware of the role they play. We hold regular communications forums with our staff and employee surveys to get feedback on how they are feeling and impact of implemented changes.

We are pleased to release our Health and Well-being Report for the 2017/18 year. Our Health Champions have worked diligently over the last 12 months to deliver a wide range of information, events and activities which support our people and their needs. We continue to strive to deliver a Health and Well-being Programme which demonstrates our commitment to our people and innovative ways of engaging our teams.

You can read our 2019/20 Social Impact Report by clicking here.