Applying for your mortgage

Normally, customers purchasing their home with Co-Own fund their portion of the purchase with a mortgage.

A number of lenders offer mortgages to Co-Ownership customers in Northern Ireland. You can go to a lender directly to discuss your mortgage or if you are using a mortgage adviser, they will help you choose one. The following banks and building societies offer Co-Own mortgages:

Lenders offering Co-Own mortgages

  • Barclays
  • Danske
  • Halifax
  • Leeds Building Society
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Progressive Building Society
  • Santander

We recommend that you wait until you have received your Co-Ownership Approval before talking to a lender or your mortgage adviser about a mortgage. The Co-Ownership Approval shows that you have been approved for Co-Own and includes the value of a property that you have been approved up to. Getting a Co-Ownership Approval does not impact your credit file. You should shop around as lenders will have a range of products available.

Your Co-Ownership Approval is valid for 4 months, so we recommend speaking with your chosen lender or mortgage adviser to discuss your mortgage options as soon as you receive your Approval. If your Co-Ownership Approval expires before you upload the home that you have sale agreed, you will need to reapply to Co-Own and pay the assessment fee again. Once you have given us the property details, we will assess the property for value and condition and then confirm your final share in the property and issue our final offer letter to you. You can then take this to your mortgage adviser or chosen lender and they will help you complete your mortgage application.