What type of house can I look for?

We will buy new build houses anywhere in Northern Ireland that have had no previous occupants, under £190,000 with a suitable 10-year structural warranty.

In addition, we have some property requirements we need to follow:

  • The house has to be ready to be occupied now or within 6 months.
  • Sorry, but we do not accept apartments for a Rent to Own plan.
  • The house should have two or more bedrooms.
  • We will only consider a turnkey package.
  • Normally the house must have no extras.
  • The price must include all connection fees for utilities.
  • All roads and sewers serving the property must be bonded or adopted.
  • The house must have the necessary consents and approvals.
  • Any service charges must be reasonable.
  • The property must be suitable for the applicant’s needs.
  • The house must have central heating.
  • We don’t accept properties with non-standard or unconventional construction.

To ensure that purchases are in a variety of locations, we will not normally buy more than 20% of the properties in a development and not more than 10 Rent to Own properties in any development.

All property purchases through Rent to Own are subject to funding, contract, title, inspection and valuation by an external valuer. All purchases are subject to the applicant having signed a tenancy agreement and an option to purchase agreement in respect of the property.