Rent to Own is our alternative route to home ownership.

Our aim is to get those who want to own their own home, but aren’t quite in the position to buy yet, on the first step of the property ladder. You choose to rent a new build house anywhere in Northern Ireland (up to the value of £165,000) for up to 3 years whilst taking steps to improve your mortgagability.

At the end of the tenancy, you can buy the property from us at its current market value. We’ll give you a 25% refund of the rent that you have paid which can be used as a deposit for your mortgage on the property. Simply put, you choose the property, we buy it, you rent it and then buy it from us! Easy!

Buying your property

You can purchase the property from us any time after the end of the first year, up to the end of the third year. Depending on the best fit for your circumstances at the time, you can buy your Rent to Own property through a mortgage or through Co-Own. When you buy your Rent to Own property, the price will be the market value at that time. This will be at least the price we paid for it.

The legal bit

Rent to Own is brought to you by OwnCo Homes Limited, a subsidiary of Northern Ireland Co-Ownership Housing Association.  Landlord Registration Number: NI6F626999


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