Property criteria

Property criteria updated 1st December 2021

Before you apply to Rent to Own we recommend that you read our property criteria listed below.

Property priceMaximum property value of £175,000.
LocationWe will purchase existing and new build properties anywhere in Northern Ireland.
New builds
  • The house must have had no previous occupants.
  • The house has to be ready to be occupied now or within 6 months.
  • We only consider a turnkey package.
  • Normally the house must have no extras.
  • The price must include all connection fees for utilities.
  • All roads and sewers serving the property must be bonded or adopted.
  • Any service charges must be reasonable.
  • The house must have central heating
  • The house must have a suitable 10-year structural warranty.
  • The house must have the necessary consents and approvals
Types of property
  • Sorry, but we don’t accept apartments for Rent to Own.
  • We don’t accept properties with non standard or unconventional construction
  • The house must be suitable for the applicant’s needs.
  • The house must have two or more bedrooms.
Types of propertyPlease note that to ensure that purchases are in a variety of locations we will not normally buy more than 20% of the properties in a development and not more than 10 Rent to Own properties in any development. Please contact us to check if this criteria affects the house you have chosen.