Who is it for?

Rent to Own may be the right option for you if you are currently employed and have a plan to own your home within 3 years. If you can pay your rent, but can’t currently get a mortgage or our Co-Own option due to employment or credit issues, then Rent to Own could be the answer.

The big difference between traditional renting and Rent to Own is that you choose a new build home and we buy it for you to rent from us. You then commit to a 3-year plan with the aim to buy your home, either with a mortgage or with Co-Own. Your 3-year tenancy gives you time to address any employment issues, save for a deposit, reduce your debt improving your eligibility for either a mortgage or Co-Own. You can buy your house at any time after the first year up to the end of the third year.

Real life stories

To date Rent to Own has helped numerous people from all walks of life on their journey to homeownership, here are just a few examples.

Mark & Pamela

Mark and Pamela chose Rent to Own as both were on temporary teaching contracts which made it difficult for them to get a mortgage. Mark says, “At the time we were spending a lot of money renting that we were never going to get back, affordability isn’t a problem but the fact that you don’t have a permanent job is just going to count against you. Rent to Own has definitely helped us, it has helped us move forward.”


Connor choose Rent to Own as he was self employed and didn’t have the required 3 years books that most lenders require to be able to get a mortgage. Conor says, “Being a self-employed Estate Agent I found it hard to get a mortgage as I didn’t have 3 years books but thanks to Rent to Own by OwnCo Homes my wife and I were able to get a new build property and pick our own finish to really make it a home. The tenancy will allow us to get our books required for a mortgage and help build our deposit for when we use our option to purchase.”