Buying Out

You can buy a bigger share of your home any time after you join Co-Ownership. You can do so in chunks of 5% of your home’s value right up to 100% full ownership.

You can finance increasing your share either through increasing your mortgage or by using a lump sum. Your lender or mortgage adviser should be able to guide you as to how much you are able to increase your mortgage by.

Buying Out and the Equity Sharing Lease.

We recommend that you consider buying a larger share of your home as soon as you can as when house prices are rising the amount due to us will also rise.  Our shared ownership arrangement means that when you sell or buy a greater share of your home we both benefit from the value going up or share in the loss if the value goes down, as agreed when you signed the Equity Sharing Lease at the beginning of your Co-Own journey. To recap what the Equity Sharing Lease means click here.

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Calculate buying out

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Instruct Valuation

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