Working together

Working Together

Working with you helps get the Co-Ownership message out to a wider range of people, and we value the relationships we have with you. You can find full information in the Co-Own and Rent to Own sections on how Co-Ownership works, and in this section, we will show how Co-Ownership can support your business. By working together we can provide first time buyers with both the means and the actual house they may see themselves in.

Putting the Customer First

Our approach of assessing the suitability of potential customers for Co-Own will help improve the overall home-buying process for a Co-Ownership customer, and everyone involved in that purchase. When a potential Co-Owner has an Approval in Principle from us it means that, subject to them choosing a house that meets our property criteria, and their circumstances remaining the same as when they applied, we will buy that home with them. So it’s a more secure offer to agree a sale on and for the vendor to have more certainty that the sale will complete. Also, because the customer has already been approved, the process will be quicker as it will fall into the normal conveyancing process of valuation and formal offer, alongside that of the lender.


With Co-Ownership as the part purchaser of the property, you can be certain that once the offer has been made (after survey has been completed), we are unlikely to pull out of the sale.

Meet the team

We’d love to meet you and attend any events you are running.
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