During Tenancy

Throughout your tenancy a member of the team will visit you for a 6 week review, a 6 month review, a Year 1 review and a Year 2 review.

At the beginning of your Tenancy

You will be met at the property at an agreed time and date for a move in appointment shortly after we have bought your home. You will be met by a local area officer and a site foreman for the hand over. During this appointment you will sign a number of documents including an inventory to confirm the condition of the property and detailing the various fixtures and fittings, you will also be registered for the utilities and first month’s rent will be collected.

6 weeks in

Our team will give you a call to check how you are settling into your new home, managing your rental payments and to confirm details of any snagging issues that there may be with the property.

6/12/18/24 month visits

There will then be a series of planned visits every six months throughout the tenancy.  The first visit, when you have been in your home for six months, is an opportunity to discuss what obstacles are stopping you from getting a mortgage,  and to put together a plan to move towards qualifying for a mortgage within the coming 3 years. A series of action points will be agreed between us and the following visits every six months will be used to track your progress and guide you towards being able to buy your home as soon as possible.

30 month visit

The 30 month visit is the last planned visit during your tenancy and all going well, you will be in a position to have your finance in place and will be ready to buy your home either with a full mortgage or with Co-Own.

If however you have decided not to purchase at this point, unfortunately we will have to remind you that the tenancy will end at 36 months.

If you have any questions or require help please contact us on 028 9032 7276 or email hello@co-ownership.org