Our aim is not only to embed environmentally ethical behaviour into our culture and workforce, but also to educate our customers on reducing their environmental impact.

Internally, we reduce the impact of our operations on the environment through encouraging behaviours and introducing initiatives that minimise waste and maximise efficiency.

How to improve energy efficiency and save money

Energy inefficiency is one of the three main contributors to fuel poverty and the one which we can have the most control over.

Improving the energy efficiency of your property could be beneficial for several reasons. It could:

  • increase the value of your property
  • result in lower maintenance and repair
  • reduce running costs

The Energy Savings Trust Advice Centre gives all householders (home owners and tenants) high quality independent impartial advice on:

  • heating systems
  • insulating your home
  • grants to save energy
  • cutting fuel bills
  • reducing CO2 emissions
  • paying for fuel
  • help with fuel debt
  • energy audits
  • low energy lighting
  • use of appliances and any fuel related issue

For further information and advice on any of the above contact the Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre.

Home Energy – Oil Buying Club Scheme

Bryson Energy is establishing a network of clubs across Northern Ireland and will work on behalf of club members to negotiate the best price for a bulk order and arrange delivery. Householders who are members of a club will benefit from lower heating costs.

The issue of fuel poverty remains a major issue and is no respecter of tenure. Oil is the main fuel in nearly 70% of homes in Northern Ireland and although oil prices having been dropping recently they remain changeable. Ensuring you maximise your energy efficiency is vital.  Their Oil Buying Clubs Scheme, is open to all household tenures; Housing Executive tenants, owner-occupiers, housing association tenants and those who privately rent. It is free to join and members can expect savings between £15 and £30 on their orders.  It is a simple premise; the more people buy oil together the more we can reduce the cost.

Each month Bryson Energy will contact all the oil club members to call for oil orders, a household can order as little as 200 litres or as much as 2,250 litres, and when they put all the orders together Bryson Energy will negotiate a better price. Savings are then passed on to oil club members.

Bryson Energy have set up a number of oil clubs. If you live near any of these locations and would like to join an oil club, please contact Bryson Energy.

For list of oil clubs – please click HERE.

Benefits of an oil club:

  • It is free to set up and free to join.
  • Available for all household tenures i.e. homeowners, private rented, Housing Association rented, NIHE rented.
  • Saves money – members benefit from a reduction in the price per litre.
  • Everyone gets the oil at the same price per litre regardless of the size of their order (minimum order 200 litres maximum order 2,250 litres).
  • Helps build a sense of community spirit.
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions – fewer deliveries reduces the number of tanker journeys – safer for the community and better for the environment.
  • Helps people to avoid buying small, expensive ‘emergency 20 litre oil drums’ which cost significantly more per litre than an oil distributor might charge.

The Bryson Energy Oil Buying Club Scheme is in partnership with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

Switching domestic electricity suppliers

Did you know there are now 6 electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland? To compare tariffs, you may wish to check out the Consumer Council website.

It’s easy to switch. There is no interruption to your supply. You’re not charged to switch.

You have a 10 day ‘cooling off’ period.

When you are ready to call:

Have a note of your current tariff (price per unit of electricity) and MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number). Both are on your electricity bill.
If you have a keypad meter you will need the keypad number which you use to top-up your meter.
If you are switching check if there are any introductory offers available with the new supplier.
Find out if they provide any additional services i.e. large print bills?

The names of NI electricity suppliers are listed below:

  • Airtricity, Tel 0345 864 3546,
  • Budget Energy, Tel 0800 0121177,
  • Click Energy, Tel 0800 107 0732,
  • Electric Ireland, Tel 0345 600 5335,
  • Open Electric, Tel 02895 072800,
  • Power NI, Tel 03457 455 455,

Please note Northern Ireland Electricity is not an electricity supplier, it owns and maintains the electricity transmission and distribution network (poles, wires and meters) which transports electricity to your home on behalf of your supplier. If your electricity supply goes off you should ring them on 08457 643 643.

Minimising our Carbon Footprint

We encourage staff to minimise their carbon footprint through efficient travel. We have participated in Bus & Train Week, an initiative encouraging people to leave the car at home and travel by public transport instead.

In 2017, Co-Ownership was recognised as ‘Public Sector Champion’ for its promotion of this initiative.

We took part in ‘Active Travel Challenge 2019’ and managed to save 364kg in CO2 by making more sustainable transport choices.


Over the pandemic the majority of our staff have been working from home which naturally reduced our carbon footprint. We have further reduced travel by our business development team who have now embraced the use of technology to attend meetings and seminars. Board and Committee meetings are also conducted remotely, again reducing the need for travel to the office. The decision to adopt a hybrid working policy will continue to see reduced transport by car or bus.

We have procured a green energy tariff with our electricity supplier which uses 100% renewable energy with zero emissions.

Our new premises have PIR lighting throughout to reduce our electricity consumption and built-in cycle racks to encourage staff to cycle to work.

We have refreshed our Environmental Policy statement which sets out our environmental aims and how we will achieve these. The policy statement publicly demonstrates our ongoing commitment to being an environmentally responsible business. You can view our Environment Policy Statement by clicking here.

We take part annually in the Business in the Community Environmental Benchmarking Survey and have attained bronze status. Participation in the survey allows us to look at our environmental performance against our sector peers and consider ways in which we can improve our performance.

We actively try to reduce our paper consumption, and this is achieved through our continued digitisation of processes and in house ‘save paper’ campaigns.