Shauna McAteer’s Co-Own Journey

8th May 2021 | Co-Own

Shauna from Belfast became a co-owner in July 2016 with a 50:50 share and bought out fully in April 2021. Below is her Co-Own journey.

“I had been renting privately since I left university in 2005 before applying to Co-Ownership. I really wanted to get on the property ladder, I had some savings but not enough for full deposit and wanted to buy on my own, and that is when Co-Ownership was mentioned to me.

My mum and dad bought their first house through Co-Ownership in the 1980s, so I decided to have a look to see if it might be something that would help me get onto the property ladder. I visited the website which was full of information, videos, and everything I needed to know to help me decide whether it was an option for me.

The whole process was easy, timely and the customer support is among the best I’ve ever received. Anytime I called with a question or information, everyone was so helpful, friendly, and showed a genuine interest.

Co-Ownership is an excellent way to get onto the property ladder, I was supported through each stage and it is an excellent choice for first time buyers, especially single applicants like myself.”