Suitable Properties

Detailed below are some examples of properties that are definitely not suitable and those that require further investigation. if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Definitely not suitableFurther investigation required
Properties without a suitable build warranty (hint: 10 years if new, balance of the original 10 years where relevant)If work has been done on the property, this may have needed planning permission, building control or other approvals (hint: these must be in place before we will purchase)
Architect-certified propertiesStructural movement (hint: not acceptable if significant or ongoing)
One bedroom homesRoads, sewers and septic tanks (hint: the situation may be complex and vary with the individual property; we must establish what will be in place on completion of the purchase and this may not be clear at first sight)
Mobile homes or temporary structuresRenewable energy systems such as solar panels or wind turbines (hint: these must be owned by the seller, not leased)
HMOs (houses in multiple occupation)Listed buildings (hint: depends on situation – listed building consent must be in place before any alteration or extension work is done)
Properties with annexes (hint: a granny flat)
Properties with Japanese Knotweed
Properties that are not complete (hint: sold “as is”)
Properties that are underpinned or stated to be defective
Properties with agricultural use restrictions
Properties that do not front onto an adopted road
Private water supply
Houses with no central heating